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A. Kumar & Co., also known as "AKC," established its bricks unit in 2013 with an initial production capacity of 20,000 fly ash bricks per day. Our primary focus has always been on maintaining high quality standards and ensuring timely delivery, which has made AKC a reliable supplier in the market.

To enhance our distribution capabilities, the company maintains its own fleet of trucks. This allows us to supply fly ash bricks to every corner of Jaipur and other nearby cities. In 2015, we expanded our production capacity to 40,000 bricks per day, enabling us to meet the growing demand.

Today, AKC bricks have gained popularity among all the prominent builders and contractors in Jaipur. Our commitment to quality and reliable service has made us a trusted choice in the construction industry.

What are Fly Ash Bricks?

Fly ash bricks are a sustainable alternative to traditional clay bricks. They are manufactured by combining fly ash, a by-product of coal combustion, with cement, sand, and other materials. These bricks are widely used in construction for their strength, durability, and eco-friendly properties.

Why Choose AKC for Fly Ash Bricks?

AKC Fly Ash Bricks stands out for several reasons. Here are the key factors that make us the preferred choice:

Installed Capacity

We have an impressive installed capacity of producing 40,000 bricks per day. This ensures that we can fulfill large orders and meet the demand of our customers efficiently.

Manufacturing Excellence

Since 2012, we have been consistently manufacturing bricks of the highest quality. Our experience and expertise in brick production allow us to deliver products that meet stringent quality standards.

Quality Raw Materials

We only use the finest quality raw materials in our brick manufacturing process. By sourcing top-grade materials, we ensure that our bricks possess exceptional strength and durability.

Thorough Curing Process

bricks to a curing period of at least 20 days. This extended curing process enhances the strength of the bricks, enabling them to withstand the test of time and environmental factors.

High Compressive Strength

Our bricks have a compressive strength exceeding 100kg/cm2. This attribute guarantees their ability to withstand heavy loads and provides structural integrity to construction projects.

Improved Plastering

AKC Bricks is the only manufacturer that provides 10 lines on each brick, facilitating better plastering. This feature enhances the adhesion of plaster to the bricks, resulting in superior finish and durability.

Consistent Size and Shape

Our bricks are manufactured with precision, ensuring uniform size and shape. This uniformity simplifies the construction process and creates aesthetically pleasing structures.

Timely Delivery

With our own fleet of trucks, we have control over the transportation process, enabling us to ensure timely delivery to our customers. This reliability helps builders and contractors adhere to project timelines without delays.

In addition to our impressive range of bricks, AKC Bricks also offers a variety of cement-based and lime-based products. These options provide versatility and cater to different construction needs. The dimensions of our bricks are 9" x 4.5" x 3", ensuring compatibility with standard building practices.

Where AKC's Fly Ash Bricks are used?

AKC's fly ash bricks are suitable for various construction applications in Jaipur, including:

Residential Construction

Fly ash bricks are used in the construction of houses, apartments, and other residential buildings.

Commercial Construction

These bricks find application in commercial structures such as offices, malls, and shopping complexes.

Industrial Construction

AKC's fly ash bricks are suitable for industrial structures like factories, warehouses, and industrial units.

Infrastructure Projects

Fly ash bricks are commonly used in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and dams.

Institutional Buildings

These bricks are suitable for constructing schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other institutional structures.

What are the specifications of Fly Ash Bricks available in Jaipur?

AKC offers a wide range of fly ash bricks in Jaipur with different specifications to cater to diverse construction requirements. Our bricks come in standard sizes and shapes, ensuring compatibility with various construction techniques. The specifications of our fly ash bricks include:

Size Standard size of 230mm x 110mm x 75mm (L x B x H)
Compressive Strength Ranging from 3.5 N/mm² to 10 N/mm²
Density Approximately 1,400 kg/m³
Water Absorption Below 12%
Colour Grey

Please note that customization options are available based on specific project requirements.

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1000 blocks
Brick Type Fly Ash Bricks
Brand AKC Bricks
Shape Rectangular
Grade Varies based on compressive strength
Material Fly Ash, Cement, Sand, and other additives

Manufactured as per the relevant Indian Standards

Why Choose Our Fly Ash Bricks in Jaipur?

When you choose AKC for your fly ash brick needs in Jaipur, you benefit from a range of features that set our products apart:

Superior Quality

Our fly ash bricks undergo stringent quality control measures, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. We prioritize consistent quality and performance.

Durability and Strength

AKC's fly ash bricks are designed to withstand heavy loads, harsh weather conditions, and the test of time. They offer exceptional strength and durability, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Eco-Friendly Construction

By utilizing fly ash, a recycled by product, our fly ash bricks contribute to sustainable construction practices and help in reducing environmental impact.

Cost-Effective Solution

competitive prices for our high-quality fly ash bricks, ensuring that you receive value for your investment. Our bricks' long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements result in cost savings in the long run.

Reliable Supply

We are a reliable supplier, committed to delivering your fly ash brick requirements on time. Our efficient logistics ensure that your construction project progresses smoothly.

How AKC manufacturers Fly Ash Bricks in Jaipur?

We follow a meticulous manufacturing process to produce high-quality fly ash bricks in Jaipur. Our process ensures consistent quality and adherence to industry standards. Here is an overview of how we manufacture our fly ash bricks:

Raw Material Preparation

The first step involves preparing the raw materials, including fly ash, cement, sand, and other additives. We carefully select and mix these materials in specific proportions to achieve the desired strength and quality.


The raw materials are thoroughly mixed using a concrete mixer to ensure a uniform blend. This step ensures that the fly ash, cement, sand, and additives are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.


The mixed material is then transferred to a brick moulding machine, where it is compacted and shaped into the desired brick form. The moulds are designed to give the bricks their standard size and shape.


After moulding, the bricks are placed in a curing environment to allow them to gain strength and durability. Curing may involve air curing, water curing, or steam curing, depending on the specific requirements of the bricks.

Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, we conduct regular quality control checks to ensure that our fly ash bricks meet the required standards. These checks include compressive strength tests, water absorption tests, and dimensional checks.

Why are AKC's Fly Ash Bricks of High Quality?

AKC ensures high-quality fly ash bricks through the following measures:

Stringent Quality Control

We have robust quality control procedures in place to monitor every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material selection to final product inspection. This ensures consistent quality and adherence to industry standards.

Standardized Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process follows standardized procedures to maintain uniformity and produce bricks with consistent quality and strength.

Quality Raw Materials

We source high-quality fly ash, cement, sand, and other additives from trusted suppliers. The quality of the raw materials directly impacts the strength and durability of the final product.

Skilled Workforce

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are well-versed in the manufacturing process and quality control techniques. Their expertise ensures that every brick meets the required standards.

Regular Testing

We conduct regular testing of our fly ash bricks to verify their compressive strength, water absorption, and dimensional accuracy. This ensures that only bricks of the highest quality reach our customers.

Can AKC Provide Customized Fly Ash Brick Solutions in Jaipur?

Yes, AKC offers customized solutions to meet specific project requirements in Jaipur. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right fly ash bricks and providing personalized guidance throughout the construction process.

What is the cost of fly ash bricks in Jaipur?

The cost of fly ash bricks in Jaipur generally ranges from 3.5 rupees to 6 rupees per brick. However, it's important to note that the exact price may vary depending on factors such as quantity, size, and design. It is recommended to contact AKC Company directly to get an accurate quote based on your specific requirements. Their team will be able to provide you with detailed pricing information and assist you in choosing the right fly ash bricks for your project.

What is the cost of 1000 bricks?

The cost of 1000 fly ash bricks in Jaipur generally ranges from 3500 rupees to 6000 rupees

Which brand of bricks is good?

AKC Company is a trusted name in the construction industry, offering top-quality fly ash bricks in Jaipur. Their commitment to eco-friendly solutions, exceptional product range, and professional installation services set them apart from the competition. By choosing AKC Company, builders and contractors in Jaipur can benefit from sustainable construction practices, cost-effective solutions, and durable building materials. For all your fly ash brick needs, AKC Company is the go-to choice in Jaipur.

How Long Do Fly Ash Bricks Last?

When designed, manufactured, and installed correctly, fly ash bricks can have a lifespan of several decades. Their durability, resistance to wear and corrosion, and low maintenance requirements contribute to their long-term performance.

What are the advantages of using fly ash bricks?

Fly ash bricks offer several advantages over traditional clay bricks. These include eco-friendliness, enhanced strength, thermal insulation, and cost-effectiveness.

Are fly ash bricks suitable for load-bearing structures?

Yes, fly ash bricks are suitable for load-bearing structures. Their high compressive strength makes them a reliable choice for constructing walls, pillars, and other load-bearing elements.

How do fly ash bricks contribute to sustainable construction?

Fly ash bricks utilize fly ash, a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, which would otherwise be discarded as waste. By incorporating fly ash into brick production, AKC Company helps reduce environmental pollution and promotes sustainable construction practices.

Are fly ash bricks suitable for all weather conditions?

Absolutely. Fly ash bricks exhibit excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions. They are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors without compromising their structural integrity.

How long does it take to install fly ash bricks in a construction project?

The installation time for fly ash bricks depends on the scale and complexity of the project. AKC Company's experienced technicians strive to complete installations efficiently without compromising quality. The duration can be determined after assessing the specific requirements of your construction project.

What is the difference between Fly ash Bricks & Red Bricks and which one is better?

Fly ash bricks and red bricks differ in composition and environmental impact. Fly ash bricks are made from fly ash, cement, sand, and water, while red bricks are made from clay. Fly ash bricks are eco-friendly as they utilize a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, reducing waste. Red bricks require clay excavation, which has a negative environmental impact. In terms of strength and durability, both bricks perform well. However, fly ash bricks offer better thermal insulation properties. The choice between the two depends on factors like sustainability goals and project requirements. Overall, fly ash bricks are considered a better choice due to their eco-friendly nature and thermal insulation benefits.

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